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Case StudiesPrecision Injection Molding

Performance Plastics has worked with industry leading medical, industrial, oil and gas, automotive and aerospace customers to achieve significant cost savings and/or performance advantages utilizing ultra and high performance thermoplastic solutions. A few examples of our problem solving capabilities are highlighted in the case studies found on this page.

Net Shape Thermoplastic PEEK Seals

Performance Plastics utilizes an internally developed software tool to produce net shape, out of mold components of exceptional dimensional accuracy.

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Injection Molding Biocompatible Fluoropolymers For Medical Device Industry

Performance Plastics has developed direct gate, hot runner technology specifically for PFA, FEP and other fluoropolymer materials used in the medical device industry. PPL's proprietary technology reduces material usage by eliminating processing by-products and runner system material waste. These process advantages give medical device, delivery and storage component designers a viable, high-performance alternative to current plastics.

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