Performance Plastics adds the Nutplate Abrasion Tool “NAT” kit to the EnduroSharp® Product line.  The rugged NAT case comes with a high-density custom foam insert for easy inventory and protection. Nutplate Abrasion Tool, “NAT” kit consist of 1 aluminum upper handle (top), 1 aluminum lower handle (base) and 4 nutplate base inserts (CR3, CR4, CR5, and CR6). Each nutplate base insert requires use with abrasive pads. The NAT kit is used to safely abrade bond surfaces of CR series adhesively bonded nutplates.

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Performance Plastic’s  Metrology Lab focuses on advancing measurement science through our ability to understand all aspects of your part.  Mechanical Engineer, Jordan Murray, dives into our industrial computed tomography (CT) Scanning process, explaining the benefits of CT Scanning and how it helps us to solve your problems.

To learn more about Performance Plastic’s CT Scanning process contact Rich Reed, our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, at (513) 321-8404 or

Performance Plastics’ Mechanical Engineer, Jordan Murray, dives into the CT Scanning process, explaining the benefits of CT scanning and how it allows us to understand all aspects of your part.

High performance injection molded plastics have been replacing metal in various applications. The transition from metal to high performance plastics has given engineers more freedom in their designs, while also increasing their products durability. The use of high-performance plastics has created more opportunities in the aerospace, automotive, electronic, and energy industries. High-performance plastics have not only allowed these industries to decrease the weight of their products, but also helped to create smarter products.

The use of high-performance plastics over metal has been increasing efficiency, but what about the use of high-performance plastics with metal? The use of high-performance plastics, such as PEEK and FEP, with conductive additives including graphite and boron nitride has created a vast amount of new opportunities. Integrating plastic polymers with metal components will still give a lighter, durable product, but it also opens an innovative range for thermal management. The increase in thermal management allows for improved heat sinks and heat removal applications, creating enhanced performance and reliability.

Modifying plastic to improve thermal conductivity has been producing cutting edge products in many industries. These thermally conductive polymers have solved engineering problems for circuit boards, electronics, Li ion batteries, smart phones, appliances and even industrial equipment used in corrosive environments.

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The aerospace industry has seen a lot of change this year. Effects of Covid-19 keeping planes on the ground and the push to move to a zero-waste philosophy has created a new perspective. The need to watch budgets and recycle all parts of the plane has become a greater priority. This change is increasing aircraft maintainers need for non-marring aircraft maintenance tools.

Non-marring aircraft maintenance tools allow maintainers to effectively remove adhesives, sealants, and coatings with out causing damage to the aircraft structure. Decreasing damage to the aircraft structure during maintenance work will cause for the aircraft structure to last longer. Increasing the life of an aircraft structure and decreasing the time a maintainer spends on the structure is the goal for aircraft maintainers. Non-marring products, such as EnduroSharp® are improving aircraft maintenance.

Our EnduroSharp® product line consists of an array of non-marring aircraft maintenance tools. Each tool has been precisely designed and tested by  maintainers to create the most effective adhesive removal products in the market. The nonmetallic tools are made from Torlon®, a high-performance plastic, creating an extremely durable tool that will hold superior edge while removing adhesives and sealants.

“In more than 25 years of aircraft maintenance experience in removing sealants, adhesives, and coatings I have never found a non-metallic hand scraper tool that holds up to the use. The EnduroSharp® Torlon® scraper blades not only hold a superior edge but are extremely durable. These scraper blades change the game in coating removal!” -F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Maintainer

To learn more about our EnduroSharp® product line contact Rich Reed, our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, at (513) 321-8404 or