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Metal To Plastic Conversion

PPL Races To Solution With Thermoplastic Gear Market: Automotive Project Requirement:  Develop a longer lived, more efficeint drop in replacement for a metal component Project Requirement:  Develop a material with a low coefficient of friction not needing lubricating fluids Overview Metals have been the first choice of design engineers for almost three centuries. Developments in highly engineered thermoplastics materials are challenging […]

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Biocompatible Fluoropolymers

Injection Molding Biocompatible Fluoropolymers For Medical Device Industry Biocompatible Fluoropolymers And Advances In Injection Molding These Materials For Medical Devices, Drug Delivery Systems And Storage Components Abstract Injection molded fluoropolymers provide the chemical resistance and material performance needed for the manufacturing, storage and delivery of next generation cancer and biologic drug technologies. Fluoropolymers barrier properties, […]

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Proprietary Fluoropolymer Injection Molding Process

Cost Effective Fluoropolymer Molding Market: Medical/Life Science Project Requirement:  Manufacture a cost effective, conforming fluoropolymer part Fluoropolymers (PFA, PEF. ETFE, PTFE, PVDF) are ideal for many medical applications due to their desirable attributes including biocompatibility, lubricity, sterilization, chemical inertness, stability over a wide temperature use range, barrier properties and high-purity with low extractables and leachables. […]

This Molder Wants Only the Tough Jobs

Need someone to injection mold fluoropolymers, highly filled PEE K, Torlon, or Ultem in complex shapes, tight tolerances, multiple cavities, and high volumes? “We love doing this,” says Tom Mendel, president of Performance Plastics Ltd. (PPL) in Cincinnati. “We’re not for everybody. Read More…