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Performance Plastics thermoplastic injection molding

we work with highly engineered Ultem PEI Polyetherimide

We have an extensive history of injection molding filled and unfilled ultra and high performance thermoplastics resins (PEEK, PFA, FEP, Torlon®, Ultem®, EXTEM®, etc.), and partnering with world class polymer scientists and industry leading material suppliers to develop unique custom resin formulations to address our customers needs. This page highlights a few of the materials we commonly injection mold.

glass filled Ultem insert molded part

An amorphous material with exceptional strength and rigidity under long term heat exposure, PEI has excellent impact strength, flame resistance and generates very low levels of smoke when burned. PEI also has excellent hydrolytic stability and is well suited for repeated steam sterilization. These properties are very useful for applications requiring tight tolerances and low warp.

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Good high temperature characteristics
  • Precise tolerance control