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Capabilities Direct Gating

Have high costs forced you to compromise on thermoplastic material selection? Creating geometrically complex parts out of ultra and high performance plastics, such as fluoropolymers, is more economical using direct gated, multi-cavity tooling.

Complex Component Dreams Become A Reality.

We excel at helping you create intricate injection molded components needing some combination of high temperature, low surface adhesion, chemical and organic resistance in a package with complex geometries and/or tight tolerances.  Now, you can justify the outstanding properties of, for example, fluoropolymers rather than compromising on the performance limitations of traditional metal, glass, ceramic or thermoset materials. Because of the natural temperature, friction and barrier properties of high performance plastics, the use of secondary coatings, which can be costly and problematic, is no longer a concern.

Direct Gate, Multi-Cavity Molding of Fluoropolymers.  Performance Plastics has developed a number of industry leading technologies enabling us to injection mold intricate, thin walled components out of some of the most sheer sensitive materials such as fluoropolymers. Direct gating is a relatively common molding technique designed to eliminate the material waste associated with runner systems.  This is critically important when working with sheer sensitive, expensive materials such as fluoropolymers (FEP, PFA, PVDF) and PEEK.  However, the ability to direct gate fluoropolymers in a multi-cavity mold has been limited by the materials high sensitivity to shear forces, which can cause melt fracturing, and the corrosive nature of fluorine gas emitted during the molding process, which can quickly degrade costly tools and the metal components of injection molding gating of fluoropolymers

Unique Metallurgy.  We developed unique corrosion resistant metal alloys used on all tooling and equipment surfaces exposed to fluorine gas emitted by fluoropolymer materials during the molding process.  This metallurgy significantly extends tooling and injection molding component life enhancing the economic viability of fluoropolymer molding projects.

Unique Injection Molding Process.  We have co-developed unique molding technologies and equipment furthering our ability to direct gate, multi-cavity mold geometrically challenging parts.  This proprietary process eliminates the shear forces caused by the auguring screw and allows precise control of key variables, such as pressure and temperature, within each mold cavity .

For more information on our unique Direct Gating capabilities and process, please watch the short videos below: