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Performance Plastics thermoplastic injection molding

Capabilities Thermoplastic Resin Selection & Custom Formulations

Is material selection integral to the performance of your component? Performance Plastics primarily works with highly engineered thermoplastics and highly loaded, fiber filled (e.g. graphite, glass, Kevlar, etc.) compounds. Consequently, we developed an intimate knowledge of their performance and injection molding characteristics.

Leverage Our Knowledge Of Highly Engineered Thermoplastics And Process Expertise To Make Your Project A Success

We have injection molded virtually every available flavor of high end thermoplastic resin (PEEK, PEKK, PEI, PAI, PFA, FEP, etc.), resin compound and fiber filled material.  Additionally, we have developed strategic relationships with world class polymer experts and the technical personnel of leading material suppliers to aid in optimizing thermoplastic material selection or custom resin development.  The table below provides a sampling of resins we commonly work with and their respective properties.


We can provide invaluable expertise in selecting the optimum thermoplastic material and/or developing a custom compound which best meets your project’s performance and value requirements.  Additionally, what separates Performance Plastics from other injection molders is our ability to direct gate expensive, sheer sensitive materials such as fluoropolymers (e.g. PFA, FEP, PVDF, ETFE, etc.).  Direct gating allows design engineers a more economical solution by eliminating the cold runner associated with standard multi-cavity molds.