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Capabilities Engineering

Can your design engineers benefit from our intimate knowledge of ultra and high performance thermoplastics? We welcome the opportunity to assist your team in the design of technically challenging projects .

Performance Plastics partners with our customers' engineers to create exceptionally performing products

Since our inception in 1982 Performance Plastics has focused exclusively on injection molding ultra and high performance thermoplastics, including fiber reinforced and highly loaded resin compounds.  Consequently, we possess a powerful combination of a deep understanding of a wide range of resin formulations and the skills necessary to design tooling and processes to mold these materials.

We thrive on the challenge of doing what no one else has done.  It starts with obtaining a thorough understanding of your application.  Critical preliminary questions typically include:

  • What is the thermal environment?
  • Will the component be subject to chemical, abrasive or corrosive environments?
  • What are the mechanical requirements?
  • Are there weight or inertial limits?
  • What are the friction and wear requirements?
  • Will there be electrical/thermal conductivity requirements?
  • What are the most critical dimensional tolerances?
  • Where are the critical component surfaces?
  • Are there sealing or interface requirements?
  • What are the conditions likely to cause failure?
  • What and how do we test it to ensure quality?

Subsequent to developing an understanding of the above, we leverage our experience, knowledge and extensive network of material scientists (when needed) to recommend potential material, tooling and process solution(s).

We use the latest technology and tools

We can quickly evaluate ideas to see what does or does not work. From 3D CAD models, we can machine samples from stock materials, create resin cut or layered prototypes or provide temporary tooling to prove your ideas work before you make a significant capital investment.

Our engineering support includes:

  • Mechanical design engineering
  • Defining required thermoplastic performance characteristics
  • Thermoplastic resin selection and sourcing
  • Solid modeling (Solid Works, STP, Parisold, and IGES)
  • CT based advance sizing and part surface mapping
  • Tooling design, tooling materials and sourcing
  • Mold Flow Analysis and Finite Element Analysis