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Performance Plastics Competitive Advantages

Maximizing Component Performance

We leverage our material expertise to select and/or develop thermoplastic compounds possessing properties designed to meet or exceed desired performance attributes.

Additionally, we utilize proprietary in-house tooling design software enabling us to achieve exacting part dimensions, such as extreme flatness which is particularly important for sealing and mating surfaces.

Material Efficiency

We are experts in the design and use of direct gated, multi-cavity molding. Direct gating eliminates material waste associated with runner systems, particularly applicable when molding expensive polymers such as fluoropolymers (e.g., PFA, FEP, PVDF), and other thermoplastics (e.g. PEEK, PEI, PEKK). Many of these same polymers are extremely sheer sensitive rendering direct gating of intricate, thin walled parts very challenging. However, we have developed proprietary injection molding tooling, equipment and processes making direct gating of these materials possible.

Process Efficiency

Leveraging tooling and injection molding process expertise our engineers are exceptional at achieving net shape injection molded components of complex parts thereby avoiding or minimizing the need for secondary machining operations. This is particularly useful in avoiding porosity and/or exposed fibers caused by secondary machining operations resulting in a more resin rich surface.

Design Expertise

We have developed tooling techniques facilitating the overmolding of complex inserts commonly thought to be to be too thin or complicated to be restrained in the mold. These techniques, coupled with our ability to hold exceptionally tight tolerances and mold very thin walls, provides our customers greater design flexibility developing next generation products.

Exceptional Quality

We make extensive use of automated machine-vision inspection systems ensuring every part meets critical dimension specifications. We manufacture mission critical parts where we measure hundreds of dimensions per unit on over 40 million parts produced annually. Our customer rejection rates are below .05%.

We also have employed automated leak inspection of mission critical parts to ensure we can meet our customers’ arduous leak specifications while providing zero PPM.

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