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Performance Plastics Markets

As a custom manufacturer of ultra and high performance thermoplastic components we serve many different industries. However, the characteristics of the resins we utilize concentrates our customer's projects within critical use applications such as those listed below.


For difficult and demanding drug delivery, product storage and medical device applications, virtually inert high performance fluoropolymers like FEP, PFA and PEEK components are excellent at storing delicate molecules and chemically aggressive compounds or when dispensing viscous liquids and inhalable powders. Complex geometries can be injection molded in high volumes to extremely close tolerances.  Learn More

  • IV system components

  • Liquid and powder inhalation devices

  • Storage bottles, containers, vials and closures

  • Plastic pumps and fittings

  • Chromatography fittings and components

  • Syringes and plungers

  • Tube fittings

  • Specimen baskets

  • Surgical equipment


Oil, gas and renewable energies markets require innovative engineered solutions to meet global demands. This environment demands high durability – long wear requirements in extreme environments.  Learn More

  • Chemical processing pumps

  • Actuators

  • Switches

  • Housings

  • Seals

  • Valve bearing

  • Positioners and plates for compressors

  • Wind turbine

  • Solar panel components

  • Sub-sea and floating production equipment

Aerospace & Defense

We produce highly intricate parts for critical and harsh environments. Our program management expertise facilitates design, development, validation and qualification.  With strict adherence to specifications and lot and batch traceability, our ISO 9001:2008 facility meets the most stringent quality management documentation requirements.  Learn More

  • Weapon components

  • Transit, storage and impact protection

  • Extreme operating environment equipment

  • Skive removal tools for gap fillers, sealants, primer coatings or substrates


From molded nozzles to precision plastic gears, we help you improve performance in high temperature, friction, wear and chemical resistant applications. We use unique materials and processes to create customer-specific, high-volume, custom-engineered solutions.  Learn More

  • Motor enclosures

  • Gears

  • Bearings

  • Impellers

  • Industrial ovens

  • Soldering equipment components

  • Textile manufacturing

  • Assembly equipment

  • Packaging equipment


We supply the computer printer industry with non-stick rollers and paper path components with outstanding wear resistance and mechanical properties for increased reliability.  From non-stick solutions to complex compounded polymer materials, we can help make the paper path flow smoother.  Learn More

  • Telecommunications equipment

  • Semiconductor processing

  • High performance wire and cable insulation

  • Printer components

Food & Beverage

For close tolerance injection molded components with long-term durability and lower costs. We utilize FDA and USDA compliant materials with superior non-stick, wear, inertness and heat resistance properties.  Learn More

  • Conveyor system components

  • Processing equipment

  • Cleaning equipment

  • Sterilizing equipment