EnduroSharp® Torlon® Aircraft Maintenance Tools that make the removal of sealants & adhesives more efficient.

Correctly and efficiently performing aircraft maintenance requires the correct tools.  Patented EnduroSharp® Torlon® aircraft maintenance tools, exclusively from Performance Plastics, are the correct tools.  They are non-metallic scraper tools that quickly and effectively remove silicone, sealants, adhesives, and coatings while keeping an effective edge and not damaging underlying materials.   

Try them today and work better tomorrow.

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Torlon® Scraper Blade (TSB)


Torlon® Gap Blade (TGB)


Torlon® Gap Filler Removal (GFR) Bits


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Torlon® Scraper Blade Sharpener

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The EnduroSharp Difference

Using the correct tool makes the difference

Aircraft manufacturers and maintenance personnel have searched for a tool that balances three needs:

  • Effective removal of sealants, adhesives, and coatings
  • Reduced damage to the underlying materials like aluminum and composites
  • A solution that maintains an edge, is easy to use and is non-metallic

That’s why Performance Plastics created the patented EnduroSharp line of Torlon Aircraft Maintenance Tools. These tools hold a superior edge, remove unwanted materials and protect expensive parts. Try EnduroSharp today and discover the difference.

What Our Customers Say

“In more than 25 years of aircraft maintenance experience in removing sealants, adhesives, and coatings I have never found a non-metallic hand scraper tool that holds up to the use. The EnduroSharp® Torlon® scraper blades not only hold a superior edge, but are extremely durable. These scraper blades change the game in coating removal!

– F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Maintainer

“Finally, a non-metallic blade system comes along that actually works.  The Torlon® scraper system is like “The Holy Grail” of non-metallic scraper blades.  No toolbox for working with removal of coatings from composites and sensitive structures should be without them.”

– Aerospace Repair Developer

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EnduroSharp® is a proud corporate sponsor of the Wounded Warrior Project

EnduroSharp® Torlon® Aircraft Maintenance Tools are export classified EAR 99.