PEEK Injection Molded Plastic is Taking the Place of Metal


Performance Plastics provides a solution to avoid metal when designing your new part. Perfecting injection molding processes since 1980, PPL has an extensive knowledge of how to create plastic parts equivalent to metal. A high-performance plastic, such as Polyetheretherketone (PEEK), is ideal for parts that demand the high strength of metal, while also being lightweight and resistant to corrosion.

PEEK is a mainstay material for a growing variety of applications in many different industries. Its popularity is due to excellent friction and wear characteristics, extended durability under punishing environmental conditions, including high temperatures, abrasion and aggressive chemical environments.

Unfilled PEEK resins emit extremely low levels of smoke and toxic gas when exposed to a flame. Glass and carbon reinforced PEEK resins offer high thermal stability and are among the strongest thermoplastics in the market.

PEEK has a long list of outstanding characteristics making it one of the most popular alternatives to metal:

  • High mechanical strength and dimensional stability
  • Excellent long-term creep and fatigue properties
  • Excellent resistance to harsh chemicals
  • Withstands a wide range of acids and bases; high resistance to hydrocarbons and organic solvents
  • High wear resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction; high abrasion and cut-through resistance
  • Low moisture absorption and permeability
  • Resistant to high-pressure steam, fresh water and salt water
  • Excellent performance at high temperatures
  • Suitable for continuous-use temperatures up to 500°F
  • High electrical integrity
  • Displays consistent properties over a range of frequencies and temperatures; depending on the grade of resin chosen, PEEK parts can be insulating, conducting or static dissipative
  • Low smoke and toxic gas emission
  • Inherently flame retardant without the use of additives; low toxicity of combustion gases

Performance Plastics uses various grades of PEEK resin as metal replacements in applications where few other fluoropolymers would be considered. PEEK is widely used in industries such as: aerospace (commercial and defense), automotive, marine, industrial and energy (fossil fuel and renewable).

To discover how PEEK polymer resins can make the transition from metal to thermoplastic easier contact Rich Reed, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, at (513) 321-8404 or [email protected]

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