Performance Plastics Injection Molds Fluoropolymers for Radome Applications


Fluoropolymers have a never-ending list of benefits in various material applications. They are virtually maintenance free, even in the most extreme conditions. At Performance Plastics, we know the value of Fluoropolymers. Fluoropolymers ensure safety, reliability and performance in numerous applications across major markets and cutting-edge technologies. Their electrical performance, weatherability, and optical properties make Fluoropolymers ideal in telecommunication applications, including Radomes.

A Radome is used to protect the sensitive electronics in communication, telemetry and radar systems from environmental threats, UV damage and rapid fluctuations in temperature. The Radome structure protects the radar equipment, while also being transparent to the radio frequency systems, being used for signal transmission and capture without affecting the signal passing through them.

The material used to make a Radome has to with stand hard conditions, but also be transparent to radio frequency systems. Fluoropolymers are used to boost productivity and purity in an array of processes, helping manufacturers create high-quality, cost-effective products. A Fluoropolymer material such as FEP, PFA or PVDF have the exact characteristics needed for a Radome application. Since other materials lack the chemical and temperature resistance and electrical performance of Fluoropolymers, they’re the number-one choice. At Performance Plastics, we have a unique ability to design and injection mold Fluoropolymers. We have developed a proprietary tooling and processes enabling the injection molding of FEP, PFA, or PVDF parts.

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