EnduroSharp® Kits Make Preventive Maintenance Quick & Efficient


Adhering to a preventive maintenance plan is the number one recommendation of most experts. The current business atmosphere has idled many military, commercial and business aviation programs.  Travel restrictions have caused a huge decline in flying, with many planes put in extended storage. However, best practices dictate that preventive maintenance should not be postponed, even during a pandemic.

In general, the experts recommend keeping aircraft ready to fly in case needs arise such as increased demand, humanitarian flights or other needs They emphasized the importance of storing the aircraft properly, out of the elements in proper working condition.

Experts urge maintainers to review OEM guidance on flight-ready and long-term storage, saying that just walking away from the aircraft probably does not comply with manufacturers’ maintenance instructions.

When storing an aircraft, experts suggest the following preventive maintenance::

  • Use pitot tubes and engine covers, as appropriate, to keep insects, birds and rodents out of those orifices
  • Remove and replace adhesives and sealants regularly to prevent leakage.
  • Exercise the aircraft regularly by conducting a preflight check and normal start-up procedures
  • Allow the aircraft to run long enough to check all systems, update databases, etc.

Performance Plastics, in partnership with various suppliers, has developed a suite of tools packaged in convenient cases for aircraft maintainers to assist in the quick and efficient removal of adhesives/sealants on aircraft structures.

The EnduroSharp® line of non-marring maintenance tools are ideal for use in regular preventive maintenance.  Our ABNIR and ABNIR Fly Away Kits are designed for routine maintenance and are recommended by OEMs for their ability to complete the task without harming the substrates.

The entire line of EnduroSharp® maintenance tools are competitively priced and are designed to be economical and reusable.  From scraper blades, reamers, and gap blades, EnduroSharp® tools offer a proven solution.

For more information on the EnduroSharp® line of non-marring maintenance tools, please contact Rich Reed, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at [email protected].