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The Benefits of FEP and PFA Conductive Polymers

Conductive polymers such as FEP and PFA are a class of materials that exhibit electrical conductivity while maintaining the mechanical properties and processability of traditional polymers. These materials have garnered significant attention and research interest due to their unique combination of properties, which offer a wide range of potential applications. Here are some of the […]


The Importance of Maintenance of Injection Molds

Maintenance of injection molds is crucial in manufacturing plastic and metal parts. It plays a significant role in ensuring product quality, minimizing downtime, and extending the lifespan of the molds. Here are some key reasons highlighting the importance of maintenance of injection molds: Quality Assurance: Regular maintenance helps uphold the quality and consistency of the […]

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Process Monitoring is Crucial in Tight Tolerance HPM Plastic Injection

Plastic Injection Molding HPM (high-performance material) parts with tight tolerances demand that processes are repeatable within established limits.  Performance Plastics utilizes best practices to eliminate process inefficiencies and unplanned maintenance, when working with materials such as Torlon (PAI), PEEK, Ultem (PEI) and FEP/PFA.  Simple processes must take place every shift to ensure that process and […]

Limited Time Offer – EnduroSharp Gap Filler Removal Discs Combo Pack

  EnduroSharp® Torlon® Gap Filler Removal (GFR) Discs are designed for use with a pneumatic tool. The tools provide aerospace maintenance professionals with an effective method of safely removing flexibilized epoxy gap materials as well as cutting or scoring thick elastomeric coatings without damaging composite substructures. Usually sold in boxes of 4 we are offering, for […]


Performance Plastics – Resin Compounds in Aerospace Applications

Resin compounds play a crucial role in various aerospace applications due to their lightweight, high-strength, and durable properties. They are commonly used in the aerospace industry for manufacturing components such as aircraft structures, interior components, propulsion systems, and more. Here are some key points about the use of resin compounds in aerospace applications: Composite Materials: […]

What You Don’t Know About FEP/PFA Injection Molding Is Costing You Money

A fluoropolymer is one of the growing number of fluorocarbon-based polymers. They are widely used in healthcare applications due to their biocompatibility, lubricity, sterilizability, chemical inertness, thermal stability, barrier properties and high purity. However, when compared with other resins, they are significantly more expensive and require special techniques to injection mold due to their shear sensitivity, high […]


Benefits of Reshoring Injection Molds in a Post-Covid Economy

According to the American Manufacturing Resurgence Poll, 48% of CEOs have restored some or all of their operations. Reshoring refers to the process of bringing back manufacturing or other business operations to the domestic country from overseas locations. Transferring molds from Asia back to the United States has been a huge topic post-Covid.  In a […]


EnduroSharp® Surface Preparation Tools to achieve the best Adhesive Bond

Using adhesives for connection technology has many benefits. It is cost-efficient, and fast, and allows homogeneous stress distribution between the bonded surfaces. Adhesively bonded surfaces consist generally of two joined components and a layer of adhesive between them. The most important part of the bond is the adhesive itself, followed by the preparation process that […]

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Expertise is critical for a Precision Injection Molding Project

Expertise plays a vital role in precision injection molding. Precision injection molding involves the production of high-quality, complex, and intricate plastic parts with tight tolerances. It requires specialized knowledge, skills, and experience to achieve consistent and accurate results. Here are some reasons why expertise is critical in precision injection molding: Tooling Design: Expertise in precision […]