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Why Use a High-Performance Plastic for your Gasket?

A high-performance plastic is a resin that exhibits characteristics that make it a viable alternative to metals for use in industrial applications.  Characteristics include strength & durability, temperature resistance, electrical properties, lightweight, and versatility.  Overall, high-performance plastics can be custom designed to meet specific performance criteria and offer a wide range of benefits. A gasket […]

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Performance Plastics Experience in Material Knowledge for Gaskets, Seals, and Poppets

Gaskets, seals, and poppets are key components of industrial applications used to seal joints, limit vibration, and prevent leaks.  They serve critical functions, so it is essential to choose the correct material for the application.  Performance Plastics has a thorough understanding of high-performance thermoplastics including PEEK, PFA, FEP, Torlon, and Ultem to create reliable, better […]

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What is a high-performance plastic?

Plastics can be considered high-performance for a variety of reasons.  The specific application and the performance criteria are the most important.  Here are some characteristics that can contribute to a resin being classified as a high-performance plastic. Strength and durability: Many plastics are engineered (fiber reinforced) to be extremely strong and durable, with high tensile […]

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Peek use in Semi-Conductor Applications – Wafer Manufacturing

  PEEK is short for polyether ether ketone. These polymers are notable for their phenylene rings and oxygen bridges, which result in resilience, durability, and strength. Wafer manufacturing is a term used to describe the process of creating chips, otherwise known as integrated circuits, which are used in everyday devices.  You will find chips in […]

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Does your part need Flexibility & Strength – Consider Nylon®

Nylon® is a synthetic thermoplastic polyamide that is known for its strength, temperature resilience, and chemical compatibility. It has been proven to be a lightweight, heavy-duty industrial engineering plastic replacement for metals that are resistant to both heat and corrosive chemicals. Nylon® is a great material for parts that undergo flexure and bending.  With wear […]

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Product Spotlight – EnduroSharp® Nutplate Abrasion Tool “NAT” Kit

  Now Offered With and Without the Case With Case ESNAT 1C Without Case ESNAT 1NC     EnduroSharp® has changed the way aerospace maintenance professionals remove sealants and adhesives from substrates and fasteners. Adhesively bonded nutplates are increasingly being utilized in the manufacture of aerospace structures, with extensive use in securing removable maintenance access […]

Plastic Injection Molding vs. Machining Parts

We are often approached by customers who are currently machining their parts out of high-performance plastic materials.  How do you decide when it is better to injection mold versus continuing to machine parts? Injection molding has many advantages.  It minimizes molding costs, is very precise, and is a highly repeatable way of producing resin parts.  […]

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Vespel vs Torlon – Which material is best for my application?

When it comes to extremely high-temperature applications, engineered fluoropolymers are an optimal choice for reliability and performance. While there are several engineered resins available on the market, for the most demanding applications, project leaders often request Vespel® or Torlon®. Understanding the differences between these two resins, the production methods involved and the labor costs associated […]

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Performance Plastics offers Robotic Precision in a Clean Room Environment.

A cleanroom is a controlled environment where products are manufactured and assembled in a dust-free, temperature-controlled environment. They are designed specifically to reduce the risk of contamination and minimize the potential for product defects. Cleanrooms are becoming increasingly important in the manufacturing industry as they are used in the production of a wide range of […]


Performance Plastics Celebrates it’s 40th Anniversary

Performance Plastics celebrated its 40th anniversary on Wednesday, December 14th, 2022. It was a fun day, including lunch for the staff and a birthday cake. A special shout out to the greater Cincinnati community, and congressman Brad Wenstrup’s office for helping to make our day even more memorable. https://performanceplastics.com/wp-content/uploads/Cert-1.jpg