Introducing the EnduroSharp® Nutplate Abrasion Tool (NAT)

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For decades, maintenance personnel have searched for a non-metallic scraper tools or sealant remover tools that could hold an effective edge, but not damage aircraft structures, like composite and aluminum.

That’s why Performance Plastics created the patented EnduroSharp® line of Torlon® Maintenance Tools. Suitable for aircraft, automotive, marine and windmill structures, these nonmetallic scraper tools hold a superior edge and are extremely durable for removing sealants, adhesives, and coatings. What’s more, maintenance personnel no longer have to resort to sharpened putty knives, scribes, and utility blades.

EnduroSharp® is pleased to announce our new and improved Nutplate Abrasion Tool (NAT).  An alternative to traditional abrasion methods, this tool was specifically designed to allow maintainers to quickly abrade the bond surface of CR series nutplates. The tools radially abrade the bond surface of the nutplate, ensuring that 100% of the bond surface is abraded uniformly in a manner of minutes.

The NAT kit consists of six components:

  • One each upper handle (top)
  • One each lower handle (base)
  • Four each nutplate base inserts

The NAT kit is available with a convenient carrying case.  The rugged case comes with a high-density custom foam insert for easy inventory and protection.

For more information and solutions, please contact Rich Reed, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at 513-321-8404 or email [email protected]