Introducing the new EnduroSharp® TSR Cutter

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Introducing the EnduroSharp® TSR Cutter, specifically designed for larger aircraft maintenance applications. Made from resharpenable Torlon®, the SR Cutter is the newest addition to the EnduroSharp® line of tools.

EnduroSharp® TSR Cutters are specially engineered to handle challenging tasks such as the removal of sealants and adhesives from aircraft wing fuel tanks and around fasteners like rivets, hi-loks, and bolts. Unlike competitors’ tools made from simple plastic, the EnduroSharp® TSR Cutter is crafted from resharpenable Torlon® PAI, allowing for multiple uses and extended durability.

The EnduroSharp® TSR Cutter is a Torlon® rotary cutting tool that effectively eliminates sealants, adhesives, and coatings without causing abrasion to underlying substrates, paints, primers, or metal surfaces. It achieves a thorough cleaning without the need for chemical solvents, thereby reducing chemical waste and minimizing exposure risks.

For more detailed information about the EnduroSharp® Torlon® TSR Cutter and how EnduroSharp® tools can save you time and money in aircraft maintenance, please reach out to Rich Reed, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, at [email protected] or visit our website at

Equip yourself with the EnduroSharp® TSR Cutter and experience a cutting-edge solution for efficient and effective aircraft maintenance.