Limited Time Offer – EnduroSharp Gap Filler Removal Discs Combo Pack



EnduroSharp® Torlon® Gap Filler Removal (GFR) Discs are designed for use with a pneumatic tool. The tools provide aerospace maintenance professionals with an effective method of safely removing flexibilized epoxy gap materials as well as cutting or scoring thick elastomeric coatings without damaging composite substructures.

Usually sold in boxes of 4 we are offering, for a limited time, the opportunity to purchase a variety of 4 different style discs in one box.  Priced at $180 per box,, the EnduroSharp®  Gap Filler Removal (GFR) Discs are crafted from resharpenable Torlon® PAI, allowing for multiple uses and extended durability.

The EnduroSharp® Gap Filler Removal Disc Combo Pack are Torlon® rotary cutting tools that effectively eliminate sealants, adhesives, and coatings without causing abrasion to underlying substrates, paints, primers, or metal surfaces. It achieves a thorough cleaning without the need for chemical solvents, thereby reducing chemical waste and minimizing exposure risks.

For more detailed information about the EnduroSharp® Torlon® Gap Filler Removal Disc Combo Pack and how EnduroSharp® tools can save you time and money in aircraft maintenance, please reach out to Aileen Crass,  Marketing Manager at [email protected] or visit our website at

Equip yourself with the EnduroSharp® Gap Filler Removal Discs and experience a cutting-edge solution for efficient and effective aircraft maintenance.