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Micro injection molding is a specialized form of injection molding that is used to produce small, intricate parts with high precision and accuracy, It has gained significant attention in various industries, including medical devices, electronics, automotive, and aerospace/defense.  In recent years, several innovations have emerged in micro injection molding, improving its capabilities, and expanding its applications.

  • Advanced Tooling: Innovations in micro injection molding tooling have significantly contributed to improved part quality and increased production efficiency. High-precision molds with complex geometries and tight tolerances can now be manufactured using advanced machining techniques like micro-milling and electrical discharge machining (EDM). These techniques enable the creation of intricate features and microstructures in molds, producing highly detailed micro parts.
  • Material Selection: Micro injection molding has benefited from the development of new materials specifically designed for small-scale molding. These materials offer enhanced flow properties, dimensional stability, and improved mechanical properties. They include specialized engineering plastics such as high-temperature thermoplastics. The availability of a broader range of materials expands the potential applications of micro injection molding.
  • Process Monitoring and Control: The integration of advanced sensors and monitoring systems has improved the control and consistency of the micro injection molding process. Real-time monitoring of key process parameters, such as temperature, pressure, and flow rate, allows for better process optimization and early detection of issues. Closed-loop feedback systems can automatically adjust process parameters to maintain consistent part quality, reducing scrap rates and improving overall productivity.
  • Microfluidic Devices: Micro injection molding has found extensive use in the production of microfluidic devices, which are used in applications like medical diagnostics, chemical analysis, and drug delivery systems. Innovations in microfluidic design and fabrication techniques have enabled the integration of complex fluid channels, valves, and sensors into small, disposable devices. Micro injection molding provides a cost-effective and scalable manufacturing method for producing these devices with high precision and reproducibility.
  • Multi-Material and Overmolding: Recent innovations in micro injection molding have focused on enabling multi-material molding and over-molding processes. Multi-material molding allows for the integration of different materials or colors within a single micro part, expanding design possibilities and functionality. Overmolding, on the other hand, involves molding one material over another, creating bonded layers or adding soft-touch grips to parts. These capabilities enhance the versatility and aesthetics of micro-injection molded products.
  • These innovations in micro injection molding have expanded its capabilities, enabling the production of smaller, more complex parts with improved quality and functionality.

Micro injection molding is widely applied for parts and devices in medical, pharmaceutical, electronics, automotive, optical, and other industries. In general, the medical micro injection molding market is the leading one, due to an increase in the usage of sophisticated micro components for endoscopic surgery, minimally invasive treatments, and other advanced technology developments.

Performance Plastics are experts in precision injection molding.  We have developed proprietary tooling, unique metallurgy equipment, and processes that produce custom-molded plastics such as fluoropolymers, Ultem®, PEEK, and Torlon®.  We leverage our high-performance polymer expertise and technology to develop thermoplastic compounds and techniques to deliver the best possible results on our projects.

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