Performance Plastics partners with PBI Performance Products on Innovative Industrial Applications



Many industrial processes require high performance materials in friction/wear applications. Traditionally this has been the realm of lubricated metals, but with the increasing demand for performance and lighter weight specifications, advancements in material science have brought engineered plastics to the forefront. Engineered plastics bring the benefits of lighter weight, longer part life cycles and lower failure rates. These applications were previously only possible with metal. Performance Plastics injection molds engineered plastics in complex geometries with extreme dimensional tolerances. The material space in play requires wear resistance, high strength, high temperature resistance, and low creep in a non-lubricated environment.

Friction/Wear applications are those that encompass wear, friction and lubrication interactions that produce surfaces that behave in relative motion in natural and artificial systems. They are complex, multi-disciplinary applications which require contributions from engineering, chemistry, chemical engineering and mechanical engineering. Friction/Wear applications can be found in healthcare, aerospace, nanotechnology and most importantly in applications enhancing energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprints.

Friction/Wear applications using polymers and their composites include gears, bearings, bushings, coatings, automobile brake pads and various other types of surfaces for optimum tactile performance. Performance Plastics partners with the experts at PBI Performance Products utilizing their proprietary product Celazole ® and our joint technologies to offer our customers specialized solutions to their most challenging issues.

Performance Plastics, located in Cincinnati, OH has over 30 years’ experience in molding specialized fluoropolymers for the aerospace, medical, power generation and other industries. We have developed proprietary processes enabling products that provide wear resistance, high strength and high temperature resistance.

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