Product Spotlight – EnduroSharp® Torlon® Adhesive Reamers

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EnduroSharp® has changed the way aerospace maintenance professionals remove sealants and adhesives from substrates and fasteners. EnduroSharp® tools are made from Torlon®, a high strength polymer, creating a non-metallic tool that will not damage composite structures during use. The EnduroSharp® lineup consists of a variety of scraper blades, gap blades, reamers, cutters, bits, and discs for removal of adhesives on aircrafts. The product line also includes a variety of kits containing a selection of parts and sizes.

Reamer’s are traditionally a rotary cutting tool of cylindric or conical shape used for enlarging and finishing to accurate dimensions holes that have been drilled, bored or cored.

One of our most popular products, the EnduroSharp® Torlon® Adhesive Reamers (TAR) are non-metallic, multi-fluted, straight-walled reamers. They are used to remove non-metallic debris such as cured sealants and adhesives from fastener and bushing holes in metallic or composite structures without damaging the structures.

EnduroSharp® Torlon® Adhesive Reamer (TAR) tools are shipped 10 parts per box.

The EnduroSharp® Torlon® Adhesive Reamers are just one of the many different items offered in the EnduroSharp® Product line. Contact Rich Reed our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, at (513) 321-8404 or [email protected],  for more information on our EnduroSharp® kits and products.