Why Use Torlon®/ PAI for your Applications

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Torlon Performance Plastic component

Custom Torlon Performance Plastic Component

Torlon® is a high performance amorphous (non-crystalline) engineering thermoplastic that possesses exceptional physical and chemical qualities.   It is recognized as the highest performing thermoplastic that is still melt processible. Torlon®/PAI is a Polyamide-imide, which are either thermosetting or thermoplastic, amorphous polymers that have exceptional mechanical, thermal, and chemical resistant properties.

Torlon’s® exceptional properties are the result of being transformed from a thermoplastic to a cross-linked thermoset during a curing process. Torlon® is available in glass reinforced and carbon fiber reinforced grades which offer even greater stiffness and enhanced thermal expansion properties. The wear grades offer unmatched performance over a wide range of temperature and PV conditions.

Torlon® can be extruded into shapes and injection molded into intricate custom geometries. It performs well under severe conditions and at continuous temperatures as high as 500° F.  Torlon® possesses remarkable resistance to wear, creep and chemicals, including acids and most organics, which make it ideal for severe environments. Torlon® also has superior electrical and structural strength at high temperatures, excellent radiation resistance, an extremely low coefficient of linear thermal expansion, and exceptional dimensional stability.

Torlon® is the superior choice when applications require extreme high or low temperatures, such as bearings and seals.  PAI polymers offer superior compressive strength and high hardness characteristics that are critical in many applications that demand a high level of wear performance.

Torlon®/PAI polyamide-imides also offer superior toughness or impact strength.  PAI has a high heat deflection temperature and retains higher strength and stiffness at elevated temperatures. With PAI having superior stiffness and a lower coefficient of thermal expansion, this means that PAI has the advantage of better dimensional stability at elevated temperatures. However, PAI does absorb moisture, therefore, this also needs to be considered relative to the potential limitations a lack of humidity control could present with regard to dimensional stability.  PAI has higher tensile and compressive strength in the unreinforced extruded grade which has advantages in some applications.

For more information on Torlon® or other Performance Plastics products, please contact Rich Reed, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at [email protected] or call 440-785-7122.


An assortment of Torlon Parts

An assortment of Torlon Parts


An EnduroSharp(R) Scraper Blade & Holder Kit with Torlon(R) Blades