The Lithium Ion Battery industry has begun using more and more plastic parts in their manufacturing processes. Most batteries intended for light vehicle usage now have 50% more plastic materials than they did even 10 years ago.  Some batteries have entirely plastic formulations ranging from the electrolyte (polymeric electrolytes) to the casing.  This is due to the very low weight of plastics as compared to metals. Plastic incorporation in batteries increases the electrolyte efficiency if used in polymeric electrolytes.

Commercially available lithium-ion batteries also use plastics. Plastic components incorporated in batteries include separators, gaskets, and casing components. Plastics have good shock absorbing characteristics and prevent damage to the basic cell unit from minor accidental shocks. Also, plastics such as Teflon® PFA, Ultem® PEI, and PPSU have high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and are electrical insulators so they are excellent at preventing short-circuit and “rapid disassembly.”

There has been a major shift from metal to resins in gasket manufacturing. Gaskets can be made from Ultem®, Ryton PPS and Fluoropolymers (PFA plastic) because of high heat resistance, chemical resistance, and ability to mold thin walls (.012”). Plastic parts may also lower the cost of production of batteries and may eventually replace most metallic components of batteries.

Performance Plastics is highly skilled at designing and molding high performance materials such as FEP/PFA, Ultem®, Torlon®, PEEK, POM, and PPS.  We work with our customers to solve technically challenging problems.   We can propose materials to implement part functionality in the design stage of development. We offer manufacturing solutions such as a clean room, the ability to offer direct gating of fluoropolymers, high volume production, visual inspection and automated facilities.

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Torlon (PAI) Polyamideimide is one of the highest performing, melt-processable thermoplastics.  Its compressive strength is double that of PEEK when unfiled, and about 40% higher than ULTEM PEI.  Torlon is frequently used in medical applications due to its high strength and resistance to deformation.  It’s wear resistance adds up to long product life for peristaltic pump rollers and bushings for prosthetics.

Parts manufactured from Torlon plastic will exhibit high levels of tensile and compression strength that ensure good mechanical capability. Additionally, Torlon material provides elevated levels of toughness and rigidity.

In its medical grades, Torlon (PAI) offer high modulus, radiolucency, sterilization-compatibility and high wear resistance, making it ideal for components. PAI’s extremely low coefficient of linear thermal expansion and high creep resistance deliver excellent dimensional stability over its entire service range.

At Performance Plastics, we are experts in injection molding, specializing in high performance plastics.  Torlon® is a reactive polymer, which can cause complications during the injection molding process. A specific set of conditions, equipment, and processing procedures must be followed to effectively injection mold Torlon®. Our proprietary tool design software, processes and equipment enable us to injection mold components having complex geometries made from challenging ultra, high-performance thermoplastic materials, and reinforced compounds.

We utilize a unique combination of extensive material knowledge, mold flow analysis, a design system and process expertise to eliminate or minimize the need for secondary operations. Our expertise in process control allows us to effectively injection mold Torlon® in parts with extremely tight tolerances. This gives us the ability to provide an injection molded part made from the highest strength and stiffness of any commercial thermoplastic.

Torlon® is one of the many high performance polymers Performance Plastics specializes.  For more information on Performance Plastic’s capabilities, please contact Rich Reed, our Vice President of Sales and Marketing at 513.321.8404 or email at [email protected].


Performance Plastics – Problem Solved – has updated our EnduroSharp® website with a 24/7 ecommerce portal that makes finding and ordering your EnduroSharp® products even easier.

Performance Plastics is a leader in high performance plastics engineering.  Our customers include many of the industry’s leading companies in aerospace, medical and industrial applications.   We execute mission critical projects where failure is not an option.

“We’re in the age of eCommerce,” said Chris Lawson, COO of Performance Plastics.  “Many B2B companies have accelerated their digital strategy following the onset of the pandemic.  COVID 19 has fundamentally altered purchasing behaviors and our buyer’s needs and timelines.  We want to provide options that exceed their expectations”.

Our goal with this imitative was to ensure our customers’ experience on our site rivals the best eCommerce sites today.  We believe we have achieved that goal.  Our mission at Performance Plastics is to bring innovation and value to your business.  Our eCommerce platform is going to deliver both these propositions to our customers.

Our updated website is built on a flexible platform that allows you to find what you need quickly. You can search your items by product name or number, read descriptions and view videos of your products in action before your buy.

And now through January 31, 2021, all ecommerce customers will be entered into our drawing for a $100 Amazon gift card.


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