Nutplates fail for a variety of reasons

  • Poor surface prep
  • Wrong grip length fastener (too long) when engaged pushing nutplate off structure
  • Fastener locked up in nut element (i.e. not turning) due to excessive heat from fastener during installation
  • Improper fastener torque sequencing for panel installation

Following aircraft specific T.O. – takes from 24 to 72 hours to effect a repair



The lack of reliable and effective nonmetallic material removal tools available to maintainers
drives the continued use of unapproved tools and/or methods when removing materials from
aerospace vehicles. The use of metallic tools has resulted in damage to vehicles, both short term
and long term, causing the need for expensive repairs and reduction in vehicle availability.
The University of Dayton Research Institute under contract to the Air Force Research Laboratory
has developed and commercialized a series of nonmetallic material removal tools under the
“EnduroSharp” trademark manufactured from glass-filled Torlon thermoplastic produced by
Solvay Engineered Plastics. The use of this material coupled with the tools’ designs is
responsible for their superior stiffness and durability (resistance to chemicals and heat) and
enhance the tools’ ability to maintain sharp cutting edges, allowing efficient removal of coatings,
boots, tapes, sealants, gap fillers and caulking materials, pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA), and

tape residue without damaging underlying composite surfaces.




For decades, maintenance personnel have searched for a non-metallic scraper tools or sealant remover tools that could hold an effective edge, but not damage aircraft structures, like composite and aluminum.

That’s why Performance Plastics created the patented EnduroSharp® line of Torlon® Maintenance Tools. Suitable for aircraft, automotive, marine and windmill structures, these nonmetallic scraper tools hold a superior edge and are extremely durable for removing sealants, adhesives, and coatings. What’s more, maintenance personnel no longer have to resort to sharpened putty knives, scribes, and utility blades.

EnduroSharp® is pleased to announce our new and improved Nutplate Abrasion Tool (NAT).  An alternative to traditional abrasion methods, this tool was specifically designed to allow maintainers to quickly abrade the bond surface of CR series nutplates. The tools radially abrade the bond surface of the nutplate, ensuring that 100% of the bond surface is abraded uniformly in a manner of minutes.

The NAT kit consists of six components:

  • One each upper handle (top)
  • One each lower handle (base)
  • Four each nutplate base inserts

The NAT kit is available with a convenient carrying case.  The rugged case comes with a high-density custom foam insert for easy inventory and protection.

For more information and solutions, please contact Rich Reed, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at 513-321-8404 or email [email protected]

At Performance Plastics, we understand that working with a qualified molding company is crucial to your company’s success.  It is vital to find a team to support your company’s mission and commitment to delivering quality products on time.  We have found over time, that there are three essential components that should weigh in your decision-making process when choosing a molder for your next application: Education, Trust and Quality.


Is your molding partner educated about your company and your products?  Do they understand your needs and goals?  Do they understand advanced materials and their properties?  Understanding resins and best molding practices including raw materials, drying time, heat history and molding temperatures will affect the outcome and quality of your application.


Trust is important in any business relationship – especially one that reflects on your business.  Do you trust your molding partner to properly do the job?  Open and continuous communication with key management of your molding partner is crucial to the success of any application.  Your team should keep you informed of market conditions pertaining to raw materials, new techniques, and opportunities for improvement?

Quality and Quantity

Quality and Quantity, both are important to your business.  Your customers rely on you for quality, dependable parts, but you must rely on your team for an on-time and dependable process.  Dependable processes, such as quality procedures, run rates and material quality control produce quality parts.

Performance Plastics, located in Cincinnati, OH has over 30 years’ experience molding tight tolerance advanced plastics such as Fluoropolymers (FEP/PFA Torlon, Peek & Ultem) for many industries.  We have developed proprietary processes enabling injection molding of parts that are thin walled, with tight dimensional tolerances, and complex geometries.

Education, Trust and Quality.  Think about these questions when choosing your molding partner. Remember – education, trust, communication, and quality of work are vital to a long-lasting business relationship. Ask the questions and get some answers. This will assist you in finding and maintaining a dependable partnership.

For more information and solutions, please contact Rich Reed, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at 513-321-8404 or email [email protected].

Performance Plastic’s  Metrology Lab focuses on advancing measurement science through our ability to understand all aspects of your part.  Mechanical Engineer, Jordan Murray, dives into our industrial computed tomography (CT) Scanning process, explaining the benefits of CT Scanning and how it helps us to solve your problems.

To learn more about Performance Plastic’s CT Scanning process contact Rich Reed, our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, at (513) 321-8404 or [email protected].

EnduroSharp® Torlon® Adhesive Reamer (TAR) tools are non-metallic, multi-fluted, straight-walled reamers. TAR tools are used to remove non-metallic debris such as cured sealants and adhesives from fastener and bushing holes in metallic or composite structures without damaging the structures. The first four TAR sizes were in high demand with a need to add additional outside diameter reamer sizes. The five new sizes allow you effectively remove sealants and adhesives from a broader range of fastener and bushing holes. The new TAR sizes broaden the outside diameter range from 0.190” all the way to 0.4005”, creating a more dynamic tool set for your aircraft maintenance toolbox.

To learn more about our new TAR sizes, contact Rich Reed, our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, at (513) 321-8404 or [email protected].