EnduroSharp® Can Impact The New Aviation Sustainability Needs


Sustainability is on the rise in the aviation industry. The need of lowering the aviation carbon footprint is increasing, to lower the amount of decommissioned aircrafts. Making it their goal to recycle as much of an aircraft as possible to reflect a zero-waste philosophy. EnduroSharp® Aircraft Maintenance Tools, can help with this goal.

The EnduroSharp® Product line is used to repair and maintain aircraft structures. The product line consists of non-metallic removal tools that will not cause damage your aircraft during the sealant, adhesives, and coating removal process. The EnduroSharp® nonmarring aircraft maintenance tools are made from Torlon®, a high-performance plastic that creates a durable tool that will hold a superior edge. Creating an effective tool for your aircraft maintainers, that will not damage aircraft structures, like aluminum and composite allowing your aircraft structures to last longer.

“For decades, aircraft maintainers have searched for a non-metallic sealant and coatings scraper that would hold an effective edge, but not pose a threat to aircraft structures, like aluminum and composite. They’ve tried sharpened acrylic, polycarbonate, phenolic, and fiber reinforced plastics of all kinds. Nothing has really worked, and often maintainers have resorted to sharpened putty knives, scribes, and utility blades. Finally, a non-metallic blade system comes along that actually works. The Torlon® scraper system is like “The Holy Grail” of non-metallic scraper blades. No toolbox for working with removal of coatings from composites and sensitive structures should be without them.”- -Aerospace Repair Developer

For more information on our EnduroSharp® Product Line contact Rich Reed, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, at (513) 321-8404 or [email protected].