Performance Plastics offers Robotic Precision in a Clean Room Environment.

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A cleanroom is a controlled environment where products are manufactured and assembled in a dust-free, temperature-controlled environment. They are designed specifically to reduce the risk of contamination and minimize the potential for product defects. Cleanrooms are becoming increasingly important in the manufacturing industry as they are used in the production of a wide range of products, from microelectronics to medical devices.

Performance Plastics utilizes robotics in its clean room to offer customers the best of both technologies. Automation offers solutions to the four Ds in manufacturing, dirt, danger, dullness, and difficulty.
The primary objective of a cleanroom is to maintain a dust-free environment with minimal airborne particulate matter. To do this, cleanrooms are equipped with special filters and air-handling systems that remove and trap dust particles.

The primary objective of robotics is to maintain quality and consistency during the production of a product. Robots produce more accurate and high-quality work. Robots rarely make a mistake and are more precise. They can produce larger quantities in the same amount of time. They work at a consistent, sustainable speed.

In addition to controlling the environment, cleanrooms are also equipped with advanced temperature control systems. This ensures that the temperature and humidity levels remain consistent, which is important for the proper functioning of the products being manufactured.

Cleanrooms also help to reduce the risk of contamination. Products are kept in a sterile environment and are subject to rigorous cleaning protocols. This helps to ensure that the products are free from any potential contaminants.
For more information as to how Performance Plastics can provide you with a manufactured clean room solution, please visit our website at www.performanceplastics or contact Rich Reed, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at [email protected].