Product Spotlight – EnduroSharp® Torlon® Scraper Blade & Holder Kit with Pneumatic Tool

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EnduroSharp® has changed the way aerospace maintenance professionals remove sealants and adhesives from substrates and fasteners. EnduroSharp® tools are made from Torlon®, a high strength polymer, creating a non-metallic gap blade tool that will not damage composite structures during use. The EnduroSharp® lineup consists of a variety of scraper blades, gap blades, reamers, cutters, bits, and discs for removal of adhesives on aircrafts. The product line includes a variety of kits containing all the parts and sizes.

Scraper blades are designed for use in larger areas where a gap blade is too small. Made from a non-marring Torlon® material the blades are a quick, safe and effective method of removing sealants and adhesives from composite structures. Add the optional pneumatic tool to make the removal even quicker and more efficient.
The EnduroSharp® Scraper Blade & Holder Kit is one of the most popular kits offered.

This Kit contains:
The kit comes complete with a standard scraper blade holder, pocket handle, and 10 EnduroSharp® Torlon® Scraper Blades (2 of each size: TSB-170, TSB230, TSB-500, TSB-750, and TSB-1200).

The EnduroSharp® Scraper Blade & Holder kit is just one of the many kits offered in the EnduroSharp® Product line. Contact Rich Reed for our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, at (513) 321-8404 or [email protected], more information on our EnduroSharp® kits and products.