PFA plastic (perfluoroalkoxy) is a tough, flexible fluoropolymer that is used for flexible and reusable medical equipment pharmaceutical and semi-con devices when chemical resistance, high purity, and flexibility are required.

PFA plastic is generally used for medical, pharmaceutical and semi-conductor plastics due to its extreme resistance to chemical attack, optical transparency, and overall flexibility. Keeping material purity is of critical importance in most injection molding applications, but particularly the medical, pharmaceutical and semi-conductor industries.

Devices used for medical, pharmaceutical measurement and semi-conductor are frequently exposed to harsh biological and chemical elements. Parts manufactured or coated in PFA materials provide good resistance and are an effective solution for avoiding contamination.

PFA is such an optimal material, that in some cases it can even replace stainless steel in medical devices.   PFA handles high temperatures and pressure well and is resistant to biological impurities. PFA is a go-to option for moving elements in medical devices because of its stiffness and long life, while providing flexibility and resistance to cracks

Many PFAs are used in pharmaceutical industry because of mandated regulations for process component materials. PFA is very versatile in how parts can be manufactured, and it lends itself well to extrusion, injection molding, transfer molding,  blow molding and compression molding.  You will often see PFA in lab equipment because of its outstanding chemical inertness and flexibility.

PFA resins are fully fluorinated polymers specifically designed for the high demanding applications of the semi-con industry.  The high purity composition of PFA addresses the requirement for minimum extractables while proving improved flex life and excellent chemical stress crack resistance.

PFA Properties

  • Chemically stable
  • Dielectric strength
  • Non-flammable
  • Chemical resistance
  • Anti-stick properties
  • Low friction
  • FDA approved
  • High purity
  • UV Resistant
  • Translucent
  • Low moisture absorption

PFA is one of the many advanced fluoropolymers Performance Plastics can mold within extremely tight tolerances.  For more information, please contact Rich Reed, Vice President of sales and marketing at 513.321.8404 or [email protected].