Direct Gating Makes Complex Medical Components A Reality

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At Performance Plastics, our primary job is to facilitate designs that create better products. Our direct gating technology does just that by increasing the value of existing products and providing advantages for new, innovative concepts. Our hybrid direct gate technology eliminates the runner waste associated with conventional molding, significantly reducing material use and per part cost. Polymers are injected directly into the part mold eliminating the need for runners.

Direct gating is suited for deep draw parts such as pipettes and syringe barrels or for small parts like medical infusion components.  This saves both resin and typically cuts cycle time by up to 50%.  In addition, it eliminates the need for downstream processing of the cold runner, which in medical applications can not typically be used as regrind.  The part quality achieved by direct gating is in many cases improved over parts manufactured with a cold runner.

Part quality is always critical in the medical industry due to safety concerns.  With medical parts, sharp edges or pronounced gate vestiges can potentially tear latex gloves or even skin.  In the medical industry, even seemingly small improvements in quality can make a significant difference in everyday applications and safety.

Performance Plastics excels at helping customers create intricate injection molded components that can benefit from a combination of high temperature, low surface adhesion, chemical and organic resistance in a package with complex geometries and/or tight tolerances.

Performance Plastics has developed a number of industry leading technologies enabling us to injection mold intricate, thin walled components out of some of the most sheer sensitive materials such as fluoropolymers.  This is critically important when working with sheer sensitive, expensive materials such as fluoropolymers (FEP, PFA, PVDF) and PEEK.

Performance Plastics Ltd offers high-performance injection molding thermoplastic expertise featuring tight tolerances and thin walled part geometries.  The industries we serve include aerospace/defense, medical and industrial applications. For more information, please visit our website at or [email protected].