Performance Plastics Hosts Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive


With many of the food banks pushed to the brink this year because of COVID-19, Performance Plastics is hosting our Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive.  Following strict COVID-19 guidelines, we are gathering non-perishable, shelf stable canned goods for donation to a local church.

Many food banks and pantries are facing decreased food donations while more families than ever are visiting for the first time.  In the southwest Ohio area, one in every four children and 15% of the elderly live in poverty.

Working with a local church, we are collecting items which they have requested. “With many families in our community facing struggles this year, its more important than ever to help” stated Christina Smith Second Shift Leader at Performance Plastics, and member of the First Baptist Church. Christina is our Thanksgiving Food Drive Leader. “COVID has put so many people in a hard place, it’s the least we can do”.

In addition to items donated by employees, Performance Plastics is matching monetary donations.  Our plan is to donate all the items and cash to the church in plenty of time, so everyone has a great holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving